Daily diving boat - Renovation - 2020

From year to year, Diving Star team working hard to provide our guests with the best service in Red sea, Hurghada.

Our daily diving boat move from marine port to the sea every day, during the whole year without day off. Salt water of Red sea and hot sun of Egypt make influence on the condition of the boat. As much as we can, we care about the quality of our boat for you.

We care about safety, comfort and satisfaction of each of our dear clients day per day. During the day and in the end of every single day, our staff clean up the decks, toilets, rails, floor, etc., to let you enjoy every moment, that you spend with us.

Once per year we renew our daily diving boat Sweet Maya in Hurghada dry dock, to let you feel safe and comfortable with us in Diving Star center in Hurghada. It takes around 3 – 4 weeks and lots of hard working to renew the boat`s structure, colors, design, engeen, etc.

There are no limits for perfection, but we are dreamers! With support of our dear guests and all Diving Star team we let the dreams come true on our new looking daily diving boat Sweet Maya!

In this year we decided to upgrade our boat to the next level:

  • We had been upgraded our engeen to the new powerful model
  • We had been instaled new steel rails on the sides of the boat
  • Changed the exterior of our salon with modern design
  • Changed diving deck exterior
  • Renew the colors
  • Brought new Zodiac ( speed boat )
  • Renew design of toilet rooms
  • Changed design of windows

Check up the process of upgrading of our daily diving boat Sweet Maya by following the link below:


Check our Daily Dive Boat page to see all the images