Underwater Videos with Diving Star

All videos are taken by our team and copyrighted by Diving Star™

We share them to show you the beauty and adventures that await you in the Red Sea Hurghada.

Dive Site: El Mina (the Harbour Wreck) Hurghada

Egyptian minesweeper Length: 70 metres (230 feet) Depth: 26 metres (85 feet) to top of wreck, seabed at 30 metres (100 feet)

Night Dive

NIGHT dive is the only chance you get since most of these creature are at their most active at night

Diving with Turtle in Hurghada

Diving with Turtle in Hurghada

Let us take you on an adventure!

Explore the vibrant reefs and discover a unique and dynamic world with diving star!

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver in Hurghada

Join our Advanced divers and reach the depth of 30m. Explore the unique El Mina shipreck and discover its stories! 

Diving in Hurghada With souloinc From Canada

We had a fabulous time with our friends from across the pond! 5 days of diving went so fast for our private group of Canadians. 

two lovely octopuses

During our dive at Abu Ramada we met with this two lovely Octopuses!  Watch the video and enjoy!


Susanna shipwreck - Hurghada - Egypt

The susannah shipwreck at 18m deep. This ship is approximantly 22 meters long. This is a challenging dive site but well worth it. Available under special request! 

Video for Our organization At Abu Dabbab

A day with our German divers at Abua Daddab Marsa Aalam. Check out this awesome dive site and drop us an email for more information. 

Small Giftun Cave

Try our speciality Deep Dive course: The adventure begins here! Explore the Small Giftun Cave at 40m

Gota Abu Ramada Hurghada Egypt

Check out Gota Abu Ramada one of the best dive side in hurghada!


Abu Ramada Dive Site

Shot with our underwater camera. See some of the teeming marine life  at this unforgetable dive site.

what about your time with us ?

What our guests say after they dive with us in hurghada.

Hurghada Dive

The flourishing reefs in Hurghada. 


Why Diving Star Center?

Watch our promo video and find out why Diving Star is the right choice for you! 


Enjoy the dive at ‪‎Torfa El Shaheed‬

Experience a drift dive in Torfa El Shaheed‬. See the vast and diverse marine life at this incrediable dive site. 

Dive In The Red Sea

There is so much more to see in The Red Sea Hurghada. Email us for more information! 

Diving with Cowtail stingray

Check out our friend the  Cowtail stingray in The Red Sea – Hurghada.