The Discover Scuba Diving program is providing you an insight into diving. You’ll gain first experiences in handling diving equipment and you’ll get a feeling for breathing under water.

We offer you 2 different introduction dive versions:


  • A guided introductory dive in the morning from the boat, 
  • 8.30 am meeting at our Boat
  • Paperwork and equipment-fitting
  • We will give you an accurate dive briefing, help you to get dressed of diving equipment and dive with you into the colorful underwater world of fish and coral reefs. If you enjoy the first dive, you can spontaneously decide to do a second one. Due to daily changing wind and weather conditions we do the dive site selection in the morning on the boat
  • Returning to the Marina approximately at 4 pm
  • The implementation is dependent on the availability of an instructor and can be therefor only be planned on site. Do not hesitate to visit us upon your arrival, so that we can talk about all the details with you.
  • To be able to dive, you must be healthy. You will find a health questionnaire Med-Statement-E. Interesting here are only present diseases and not things that date back years.
  • You are in a different hotel? No problem: With our pick-up service link you can arrange an appointment or you take a cab and come by spontaneously. But note our opening hours.
  • Price information can be found on our complete pricelist.
  • Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us by email.